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  • 28May

    The Pacman game that has taken over Google’s home page in the last few days has caused the loss of 4.8 million work hours that  are estimated to be worth 120 million dollars.

    These celebrations for the 30th birthday of Pacman, which Google celebrated last week, had cost many US firms dearly.

    Google published their own version of the original Pacman game, which was originally developed by the Japanese company Namco,  on their home page.  Google had reported that game was activated over a billion times in three days.

    Eating your money.

    Eating your money.

    According to research conducted by RescueTime, the average visitor had spent 36 extra seconds on the site to play the addicting game that Google had added for the special occasion. When summed up the time spent,  you get  a waste of 4.8 million work hours, which are worth around 120 million dollars.


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