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  • 22Aug

    Medal of Honor, a new PC war game, has caused quite a stir in the United States, as it has been revealed that gamers will be allowed to play as the Taliban. The option to play as the other side, has drawn criticism from various news groups as well as┬ábereaved parents, who claim “our pain is not to be taken advantage of- war is not a game, period”.

    Computer first person shooter games have been very popular and pretty much repetitive since ever, but this new upcoming game from the house of Electronic Arts is a whole different story. The new Medal of Honor lets gamers play as allied or oppositional forces in a contemporary war theater. The allies in this case are U.S. Army Rangers, the theater is Afghanistan and so the opposition, is not surprisingly, the Taliban.

    Medal Of Honor

    Medal Of Honor

    The game angered many parents and families, who lost their loved ones in the raging war in Afghanistan. They feel the “game takes their suffering and turns it into someone else’s entertainment”. “Medal of Honor is set in today’s war putting players in the boots of today’s soldiers… we give gamers the opportunity to play both sides”, said Electronic Arts senior public relations manager Amanda Taggart in an official response.

    Moreover, EA has added: “most of us have been doing this since we were seven… if someone’s the cop, someone’s got to be the robber, someone’s got to be the pirate and someone’s got to be the alien. In Medal of Honor multiplayer, someone’s gotta be the Taliban”. However many Americans believe, it is just unrealistic to compare cops and robbers to the Taliban and US soldiers.

    However, some say, the entire controversy around this issue is actually hypocrisy, since America believes that it is okay to shot, stab, kill and blow up everyone in PC games as long as they are the “bad guys”, without taking into consideration people’s feelings at all. But playing as the Taliban fighting against the American army, that is way too much. Anyways, looks like the entire media fiasco around this game, will make it one of this summer’s best sellers.

    Omer Shachnai

    The CEO Game.

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    US Outraged Over Controversial PC Game7.81031

    Posted by omers @ 12:54 pm

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One Response

  • the ceo man Says:

    I think they should still make them games there is no usa law aginst that if they did stop what will kids do? but then i think it is good to stop because it instills in kid’s minds to do what they watch on tv,like wrestling,ect.
    and games they teach (not that they mean to)to threaten other human beings and sometimes acually do it when they get older.

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